Parce que nous sommes toutes différentes ! - Éliocréa

Because we are all different!

Yes, most women have common points, and tend to love doing the same things. But all women are not alike! Each has particularity and seek to stand out in one way or another. One can then distinguish particular profiles that then define purchasing behaviors:


Black hair woman

The one that remains natural

It stays on light tones, does not look for extravagance but chosen what better accompanies its natural luster.



Curly hair woman

The one who assumes

She makes makeup a must and knows how to match beauty and capillary routine to her style. It follows closely trends to always propose the best of itself.



Multicolored eyelid makeup

The one that is extravagant

Being different does not make him cold in the eyes! Makeup is a means of expression of one's identity, and it does not hide it. The tools and beauty products are its best allies.


And you, what beauty are you?

s. Nzala

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